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Work At IAT

Working at IAT provides both teaching and non-teaching staff with a unique professional experience in a fast-growing and modern education institution. Our staff come from many backgrounds, but share a dedication and passion for creating a learning environment of the highest quality.

Reasons to Work at IAT

Attractive Salaries:

Our combined salary and benefits packages are typically very attractive – especially for those staff with highly-desired qualifications, skills and experience. .

Employment Benefits

Virtually all staff are eligible for benefits that include: Housing Allowances, Children’s Education expenses and low-cost Medical Insurance.

Employment Perks

Other benefits include Relocation Allowances, Gratuities (end-of-service payments), Professional Development allocations and recovery of work-related Miscellaneous expenses.

Reasons to Consider Working in the UAE?

Tax Free Country

No income tax is payable to the UAE government. Expatriates would need to confirm whether tax is liable in their home country, but for most countries it is not (when working in the UAE for over 3 months).

Fast Growing Country

The UAE is one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic countries. There is a constant flow of new projects, people and opportunities.

Multicultural Environment

You’ll work with professionals from all over the world and get to rapidly broaden your experience.


You’ll want to know lots of things about life in the U.A.E.

Here you can find out more about business hours & work days, the cost of living, recreation & activities, safety, dress codes and much more.

Pursue Your Career in Technology

All candidates must obtain the Equivalency Certificate for their highest qualification/s from the MoE, UAE.

Local Hires should submit the Equivalency Certificate/s before joining and Overseas candidates has to submit the UAE attested certificates (High School, Bachelor, Master and PhD as applicable) before joining and should submit the Equivalency Certificate/s within 3 months of date of joining (Probation Period).